“ Our fight is not just a fight about oil. This is a fight about different ways of living. One that protects life and one that destroys life.“

Nemonte Nenquimo raised in the traditional Waorani community of Nemonpare in Ecuador, is one of the founding members of the indigenous organization Ceibo Alliance, which works to defend Indigenous peoples’ lands and rights in the Ecuadorian Amazon region. Nemonte is also passionately engaged in the struggle to uplift Indigenous women across the Amazon.

Nemonte Nenquimo, van de Waoranistam in Ecuador won in 2019 een zaak tegen de Ecuadoriaanse regering. Ze loopt voorop als het gaat om het versterken van de stemmen van de vrouwen in het Amazonegebied. Over haar schreef ik volgende opiniestuk:https://www.trouw.nl/cs-bc5463f7

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